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Mantis Poets

Mantis Poets This book contains the work of two poets Jack Cope and Jonty Driver Cope did the editing

  • Title: Mantis Poets
  • Author: Jack Cope
  • ISBN: 9780908396115
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Board book
  • This book contains the work of two poets Jack Cope and Jonty Driver Cope did the editing.

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      Jack Cope

    About Author

    1. Jack Cope says:
      Jack Cope was born in Natal, South Africa and attended boarding school in Durban, afterwards becoming a journalist on the Natal Mercury and then a political correspondent in London for South African newspapers At the outbreak of the Second World War, in a state of some disillusionment, he returned to his father s farm and, while working at various jobs, took up creative writing.During the following four decades Cope published eight novels, than a hundred short stories, and three collections of poetry, the last one in association with C.J Driver For twenty of those years, beginning in 1960, he edited Contrast, a literary magazine bilingual in English and Afrikaans He co edited The Penguin Book of South African Verse 1968 with Uys Krige and, as general editor throughout much of the 1970s, produced the Mantis editions of Southern African poets In 1980 he moved to England, where he published The Adversary Within Dissident Writers in Afrikaans 1982 and his Selected Stories 1986.Cope s first novel, The Fair House 1955 , considers the Bambata Rebellion of 1906 in an attempt to account for the later racial and political conditions in South Africa Later novels, including The Golden Oriole 1958 , Albino 1964 , and The Rain Maker 1971 , chronicle the white man s destruction of black culture and the ensuing struggle by the blacks to regain their pride and identity.However, it is as a short story writer that Cope demonstrated his finest talent His stories evoke, according to Alan Paton, with a few words the scents and sounds and colours of our country In A Crack in the Sky The Tame Ox, 1960 and Power The Man Who Doubted and Other Stories, 1967 his moral vision is clear his third collection, Alley Cat and Other Stories 1973 , contains darker themes such as those of alienation and loneliness Among Cope s main achievements was his influence on South African literature during the 1960s and 1970s, important years in the struggle against apartheid.Jack Cope is also well known for his romantic attachment to tragic South African poet Ingrid Jonker.

    Comment 335 on “Mantis Poets

    1. Ilze says:
      Jack Cope was one of Ingrid Jonker s lovers, so of course I had to find out how he writes Besides Cope, this volume also contains poetry by CJ Driver The latter s poetry is not bad It evokes all sorts of images from the past and from apartheid South Africa But it s not the kind of poetry that would make a big poet.Cope s work is much interesting It s not as sentimental and contains images that aren t easily forgotten Like Ted Hughes and Andr Brink s last words about their lost lovers Sylvia Pla [...]

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