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Pandora Hearts, Volume 23

Pandora Hearts Volume The cogs of destiny guide Oz Alice and Gil to the final chapter Someone once said that what awaited them at the end was all encompassing darkness that would swallow their world whole But never was t

  • Title: Pandora Hearts, Volume 23
  • Author: Jun Mochizuki Tomo Kimura
  • ISBN: 9780316352147
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • The cogs of destiny guide Oz, Alice, and Gil to the final chapter Someone once said that what awaited them at the end was all encompassing darkness that would swallow their world whole But never was the possibility of a warm glimmer of hope just beyond the dark, waiting to pierce through the shadows, disavowed

    • [E-Book] ↠ Pandora Hearts, Volume 23 | BY ç Jun Mochizuki Tomo Kimura
      Jun Mochizuki Tomo Kimura

    About Author

    1. Jun Mochizuki Tomo Kimura says:
      Jun Mochizuki Mochizuki Jun is a Japanese comic artist manga ka , best known for the fantasy shounen series Pandora Hearts .

    Comment 708 on “Pandora Hearts, Volume 23

    1. Aubrey Hansen says:
      To sum up this manga in one sentence Things get complicated and confusing, people die or are otherwise seriously injured, and yet it continues to be completely awesome and gorgeous.

    2. Hannah Heath says:
      I m going to need therapy after finishing this series I justLottie isn t bad And Break had that little piece of backstory I didn t know about And Vincent and Gil deep breaths Please let this turn out okay One volume to go

    3. Stephanie says:
      I m really upset about 90% of the things happening right now but Echo s I AM moment was absolutely perfect.

    4. Michael Schmid says:
      es war soooooooooooooooooooo traurig q_________q mag gar nicht mehr wissen, wie alles endet xD oder doch o.O

    5. Kate says:
      One by one, I am losing my favorites, but I am hoping for a happy ending in the next and final volume As always, beautiful art and lovely storytelling Recommended.

    6. Camila says:
      Miranda est loca, pero requeteloca De alguna forma entiendo a Vincent, ya que todo lo malo que hac a se justificaba bajo el pretexto de que ser a borrado Me gust la relaci n que desarroll con Ada, ya que ah se justifica la personalidad tan sosa de ella aunque igual es triste que sea principalmente para salvar a Vincent.

    7. Gabriela Paige says:

    8. Mal says:
      Actual tears in my eyes Actual Tears view spoiler Mochizuki was probably sketching this like I wonder how many important characters I can off before reaching the end hide spoiler

    9. Sarah Hayes says:
      I have so many emotions right now Oh, Mochizuki You did it again Somehow I will prepare myself for the final volume, if I can get over the events of this volume in time.

    10. Isel says:
      Dam, even Noise made me sad Mostly it was Echo but still Now on to the last volume

    11. Amanda Setasha Hall says:
      This volume is hugely emotional and filled to the brim with information It s combining everyone s stories right before the end.

    12. Raxilia Running says:
      Vbb, Mochijun, che vogliamo fare Non bastava la storia in s , no, anche il doodle in angolo pagina di Break, Reim e Sharon da giovani, assieme Vuoi le botte view spoiler Io non lo so che devo dire Solitamente detesto le storie dove si arriva alla fine cavalcando su una parmigiana triplo strato di morti ma qui tutti quei morti hanno senso Salvare tutte quelle persone di cui la narrazione ti ha detto da sempre essere destinate a morire molto presto sarebbe stato un controsenso o l ennesimo escamot [...]

    13. A. L. says:
      4.5 stars Funny how the first volume with Alice on the cover didn t have her in it very much Speaking of the cover, I feel like I need to comment on it even though I don t Well, in short it s goRGEOUS Mochizuki s artistic talent never ceases to stun me From Alice s adorable face, to the great mix of colors, to the intricate dress I love it all There s also something oddly satisfying about how well Alice s hand is drawn Now On to the actual content First off, we have an awesome Reim though I ve h [...]

    14. Chia-Tung says:
      Mad Hatter Echo VincentCheshire Damn onions crying 4th Oct, 2016 Reim, Sharon, and the Baskervilles find Break after Reim managed to negotiate a truce with the Baskervilles.Refusing to give Lily Break s body to avenge Fang, Reim offers Lily a gun to shoot him instead Lottie stops Lily and decides to join forces with Pandora to save the world from destruction Lily and Reim are friends now Adorable Zwei is out of control Instructing Lily to take care of Sharon, Reim, and Break, Lottie and Dug foll [...]

    15. Azelyn Klein says:
      Apparently this book was supposed to be the last one in the series, which is probably my library doesn t have the next volume But it doesn t end here Not that that s a bad thing I quite enjoyed the way this book went on and ended on another cliffhanger, especially since I had the next one on hand.This series is already so complicated You have time travel and paused time and whatnot It shouldn t be so surprising that they broke the fourth wall and proposed a multiverse Or at least some of the cha [...]

    16. Isis says:
      O.M.G.This book man It does things to me I mean how much is there How many of my favorite characters have to die And how will it all finally end It s actually nerve wracking to know that after this volume I m that much closer to the end and it s scary I m not ready to say goodbye to Oz, Gilbert, Vincent, Glenn Leo it s too soon.Not going to lie here, I m still mourning the loss of Xerxes but the plot must go on And on it goes what with the crazy turn over of Echo Noise and poor Vincent s inter [...]

    17. Kyle says:
      WowowowowowowowowI feel so emotional after reading this Somehow, Mochizuki brings out the raw human emotions in each of her novels She brings to attention important facts of life we often take for granted of except when we are at our lowest I love Pandora Hearts for its thick array of developed characters and the ever evolving complex plot I am so excited to read the last volume soon Hopefully everything will resolve itself with Oz Jack, Leo Glen, Alice Intention of the Abyss and everyone else I [...]

    18. Isis says:
      My oh my.It s always sad when I know a series I have invested myself not only time wise but emotionally in is about to end I can t no matter how long I drag it out for cope with finishing it and I can tell that Pandora Hearts is no exception here I am going to miss it and although I don t want to finish it yet I can t wait for last and final volume to come out This volume was so strange almost like reading it in a dream what with death upon death of some of my favorite characters, Vincent s new [...]

    19. Nərmin says:
      The art is so beautifullll I love Jun s drawing style It is coming to an end The star characters of this volume Echo, Reim, Vincent, Ada.Echo You lovely little pudding view spoiler Why do you have to die too You don t deserve it You were too innocent for it hide spoiler Reim, you are a very good talker I really love your ways Happy that you survived.Vincent, I, now, believe that you are going to be a good man You are a very complex and great character and even I ship GilAda, I am happy that Ada [...]

    20. Nic says:
      Okay, this series is SO CONFUSING right now Xerxes Break for real sniffles RIP Echo and Noise who are sort of the same person but sort of not Is Duke Barma dead, too That would be sad But very possible He sort of fell off a cliff a couple of volumes back, I think But in kind of a triumphant way.And now, I guess Vincent and Ada will be an item again for the first time for real EDIT in September 2016 Reread in order to review this volume and the next one for No Flying No Tights It was still confus [...]

    21. Selena says:
      Huh Buh But I was promised an ending I was totally promised an ending in the last volume, wasn t I This volume was still amazing, though.But now I have to wait again for the ending

    22. Naailah says:
      I haven t read Pandora Hearts since last year, but it was so nice to get back to the series As usual, I loved the art and the world building was rich as usual.This volume was full of feels and now I want to cry.

    23. Nidah (SleepDreamWrite) says:
      This series, is just really good The characters, the story, and that art style I mean have you seen the art in these volumes And those covers So pretty Anyway, another good volume One of my favorite manga series.

    24. Maria Kelly says:
      The end is nigh No one new died, which makes me nervous, but Gilbert sama is safe for now One volume While I wait for the end, 24, I will read the Caucus Race side manga of PH Goes into details of history of the four dukedoms.

    25. Jenni Noordhoek says:
      This manga is going to ruin me Also I think I just accidentally marked this as read even though it isn t out yet 0.o oh well we all know I m going to read every chapter as soon as it comes out

    26. Angela Rodriguez says:
      I thought this was the end but alas there is one volume left The suspense is killing me My full review of this particular manga will be given once I have finished reading the entire series.

    27. Sarah Shams says:
      IT S OVER _ And although I already expected the bittersweet ending, it still didn t stop me from that post series depression

    28. Debb Nitram says:
      Leo is amazing,, I love him the next is the end TTwTT

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